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Case Results

At this investigation we had two lead investigators (Charles and Shawn) then two investigators (John and Tyler)

Main Complaint
Troy (Home owner) indicated that his son saw two black men in their home. He also said that his friends, his wife and himself has heard conversation in the home while they had been talking. Troy took it upon himself to do some amateur paranormal investigating. He did get some pretty good EVP's and that's when he called us in.
Investigators Report
Many experiences happened that night. We heard voices, we were touched, and also saw some shadows moving. We were able to capture some of these things on our equipment.
EVP's Captured at Troy's Home
1. Rat asks the Spirit to knock on something for him. He and our team does not hear the reply to his request. Click Here
2. John asks a question if they are disturbed that we are there. Click here to hear their what was said after.
3. On this EVP you will hear Shawn ask if they were a member of the Fent family. Click here to hear their reply.
4. We had reports that they have seen two black men named James and James. We did capture on our recorders the name "James" Click here to hear that EVP.
5. Shawn asks during the reading of the abstract if they were one of the homeowners children Click Here to hear the reply.
6. On this EVP the spirits were thinking that we were video taping. Click here to listen to the EVP.
7. During the investigation all of a sudden we captured this EVP Click Here to listen
Video's and Radio Show
1. FM Paranormal was on air to do the reveal. Click here to hear the reveal.
We believe there is enough evidence to call Troy's house haunted. There seems to be both intelligent and residual haunting's here.