Trollwood Park  Fargo, ND  
Fargo, ND Date: 11/09/07  
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Main Information and Equipment
Date: November 9th 2007

Time Spent on investigation 10:00pm-1:30am

Olympus Digital Voice Recorders VN-4100PL and VN3100PL, Sony DSC-P41 4.1 MP Digital Camera, Olympus 4.0 MP Digital Camera, Wind up radio to try and get the female ghost to appear and dance with the music playing.
Main Complaint
Trollwood is home to pauper's cemetery. They say you can see the three locations to where the people were/are still buried. They are now marked with small stone monuments. The most common occurrence is a ghost of a lady dressed in a 19th century dress that appears dancing around a willow tree while the performing arts students are performing a play. There has also been EVP's recorded of the voice of a farmer that used to reside there telling people to get off his property. Others have reported the feeling of being followed and seeing people walking around that aren't there when they look again. Also voices calling to them and being touched.

Here are some EVP's that we caught while investigating Trollwood Park:

1. Sound of a barn door opening

2. This EVP we were talking about people calling 911. Both Charles and Shawn are in a rescue squad then right after talking about the call this was said on the recording "I didn't call them"

3. Here is the possible farmer saying "Get out my"

4. Charles said he was going to put his camera on night shot to see the difference and something told him "NO"

5. "Hope you take them"

6. Picked up some strange knocking

7. Loud breath

8. Jeff, Tony and Patrick were walking by the river and talking all of a sudden you here under their voices something like "All gone and then don't fall"

9. Charles and John were trying to get the lady to come out and dance by playing music. In this EVP you will hear the music then you will hear the "Well"

10. We had some kids come into the park during our investigation and we were talking about it and then you hear "He's Gone"

Photos and Video
We did not have any paranormal photos. We did see our breath in the photos a bunch of times due to the cold weather while we were investigating. Also we did not bring our video camera out because of the cold weather.
We feel at this time that we have enough evidence to say that Trollwood Park is haunted. We will continue investigating this location!